Harold B.
I visited about midnight and received great service, fresh tasty baked goods and hot coffee. I was impressed with the clean and bright decor and good parking, I dont indulge in these things often so it's nice to know that if I have a craving for the good stuff I can find it 24/7 @ Dude City
Kristine R.
Was really craving donut holes, and stopped by between errands. The store is very clean and smells AMAZING! They carry 10 varieties of donut holes, in addition to other donut types, ice cream, smoothies, coffee, milk, energy drinks, and possibly some other things. My husband loved his maple bar (he said it was soft, fluffy, and had a good maple flavor). The donut holes were mostly perfect - fluffy, great flavors, and they looked good too (even my resident picky eaters liked them - and one usually won't eat sweets)! A few were slightly underdone (only 3 out of 25), but most were perfectly cooked, fluffy, and moist. We'll definitely be back!
Matthew M.
Super friendly customer service, these folks love donuts and love selling them. The quality was very very good with all the right bases covered. Fresh, high quality. These folks are now in my top 3 donut shops in Salem. Plus, they're open early and on the way to or from work for me.
Kayla N.
Awesome donut selection. Must try place. So happy to have them close to home I got a dozen for $11.99 all of them were so yummy. The store reminded me of a updated day/night donut shop. Service was great and the guy in the front gave my little one a donut hole. They are 24 hours so I'm happy about that.
Romeo C.
Looking for a great atmosphere, with welcoming staff and delicious treats than The Donut Dude is your stop. Inside seating available and breakfast menu items for you, coworkers, friends and your family.
Shane S.
Visited: Wed May 13th 8:00 am New donut shop just opened up on Lancaster, South of Hwy 22 at the Home Depot entrance. Establishment was brightly lit and cheerful...Like most new eateries, the behind the counter activity was buzzing with enthusiasm and just the simple fact of staff trying to familiarize themselves with products and procedures. The behind the counter display of donuts reminded me of a Daynight Donuts or Dunkin Donuts. From the menu display, in addition to the donut offerings, breakfast sandwiches and a variety of standard coffee shop choices are being offered. The donut variety being displayed look rather simplistic and basic without the outlandish offerings and toppings. Thus, the pricing is reasonable and affordable for the whole family or the workplace. I was greeted with a smile and cheerful greeting when it was my turn to order. For my initial visit here, I just stuck to a half-dozen order of glazed, cake and creme filled donuts. The total cost was $6.75. When I reached home, the donuts was nice & moist and tasted very good with no surprises. With that being said and being the closest donut shop to my residence, I will definitely be back to Dude Donut City.
Michael B.
If you are searching for Salem's absolute best donut at any hour, look no further. Dude Donut City has the best donuts in town. Their staff is welcoming and friendly. The shop holds a chill vibe and allows you to feel relaxed. Was able to meet the owner and was very impressed with his professionalism. He just opened the shop in a mists of the Covid-19 pandemic. He recently gained citizenship and has such an incredible story of success. Worth a visit! Try the double chocolate !!!